Frequently asked questions about our augers

Q: Will your auger work in GA, CA, TX, ect...hard clay?

Here in Tennessee, we have tough red clay. With the proper drill, our augers perform well in tough ground. We haven't traveled to other states yet to try our augers, but our customers are reporting superb performance in their hard, clay ground.

Q: Will your augers cut through roots?

How big of roots are we talking? The heavier duty the auger, the better cutting edge you have. Roots the size of your arm? Ain't gonna happen. Smaller roots like shrub roots? With the proper drill, you have a good chance of cutting through small roots.

Q: How do your augers perform in rocky areas?

It's possible they won't perform at all in rocky areas. Soil that's saturated with rocks the size of your fist would probably not be a good candidate for our augers. If you just have bigger rocks here and there, they won't hurt our augers, but you may have to start a new hole if you hit a big rock. Smaller gravelly type rock does not seem to affect our augers, but we recommend at least a heavy duty version garden auger or larger tree auger or post hole auger to ensure better success in rockier soil.

Q: I need my auger tomorrow. How fast can I get it?

We can usually ship overnight by Express Mail at the Post Office for an extra charge, but rural areas can take 2 full days for Express delivery. The good news is, for now, the Post Office will deliver on Saturday. Contact our office for Express shipping and to determine if overnight shipping is available for your area.

Q: Do your augers come with a guarantee?

We have never had an auger shaft break or the flight (spiral) separate from the shaft. If the auger breaks due to manufacture defect we will cheerfully replace the auger. Please don't use the augers to mine for iron ore and then expect a refund if it doesn't work.

Q: Can I find your augers locally?

Because of your requests and persistence, we are proud to offer a list of current retailers across the country stocking our garden auger products.

Click here for store locations where you can find our auger.