Post hole augers that are easy to handle yet aggressive enough to cut through harder, compacted ground

Post hole augers by Custom Auger Systems are designed for the professional landscaper or DIYer. Digging post holes is a daunting job. You need a post hole auger you can handle easily. An auger that won't back down from hard ground. An earth auger that takes the work out of installing post holes.

These earth augers are our longest vertical auger measuring a full 38 inches. This auger gets great depth thanks to an aggressive high speed steel cutter nose, cast dual cutter blades and two full feet of flighting (or, spiral) continuously removing soil from the hole. When faced with hundreds or more post holes to dig, there is no question the post hole auger saves an immense amount of time.

Our post hole augers' heavy duty all steel construction and longer length make it an ideal tool for installing fence posts, sign posts, mailboxes, flag poles and more. Tip: choose a 5.75'' diameter post hole auger to fit 4x4 posts point to point.

You must supply your own drill. The post hole auger requires a corded, heavy duty, 1/2 inch T-handle style straight drill with at least 8 amps to operate successfully. Pistol grip style drills will not power this auger. To see a chart of compatible drills, click here.

It is important to make sure your drill is compatible with the post hole auger. We welcome any questions about your drill compatibility or applications.

Post Hole Auger sizes in 3.25, 4.75 and 5.75 inch diameters Tom and Becky use a Milwaukee Super Hawg to power post hole augers
Post Hole Auger features replaceable nose and cutter and is over 3 feet long The post hole auger features replaceable nose and cutter