Garden Augers and Bulb Planters

Bulb augers, garden augers fit on a regular drill

Our bulb augers and garden augers are designed for ordinary household drills you probably already have in your garage.

We have several different sizes and styles of garden augers available, for uses like bulb planting or tree fertilizing.

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Post Hole Augers

Post hole augers, due to their longer length, are designed for the heaviest duty half inch drills

Our post hole augers make post hole digging easier and faster. Of the augers on this site, the post hole augers are the longest at 38 full inches long.

The post hole auger is recommended for professional landscapers, fence installers, or the do-it-yourselfer who desires the best product money can buy.

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Tree Planting Augers

Tree planting augers, heavy duty earth augers are designed for heavy duty half inch drills

Our planting augers are designed to fit heavier duty power drills and are the highest quality earth augers made.

Thicker steel, non-slip hex shaped shafts and a superior soil penetrating design give our augers a cutting edge over the competition.

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Compatible Drills

Choose an Auger drill to power our earth augers

There are a lot of sizes and varieties of drills out there to power augers. We welcome all your questions about drill compatibility, the power required for different auger sizes, and recommended brands. Contact us to learn more!